Michael LaMacchia Guitar & Vocals, Greg Sankovich Keys, Haley Mears Vocals, Andy Dillard Drums and Paul Eastburn Bass.

Michael LaMacchia Mill Valley guitarist and prolific composer, brings fresh genre-blending songwriting and an ensemble of gifted and interconnected players to bear on his newest project. LaMacchia’s songs bridge musical worlds and create a personal and unique sound that his musicians bring to life in ever-changing and creative ways. Drawing on jazz, folk, pop, blues, funk, Latin, and many other traditions the band elaborates on the songs’ essential components and stretches out to find the edges of the material’s musical boundaries. Heartfelt lyrics, vocal harmonies, and often-hypnotic melodies keep the listener grounded as the musicians explore new territory together.

Michael LaMacchia's inventive and intricate guitar playing and raw vocals drive the project and provide a foundation for exploration. Greg Sankovich’s masterful Keyboard work complements LaMacchia’s approach and brings sunshine, depth, and richness to the music. Bassist Paul Eastburn adds his own laid back, intuitive, deep groove and melds seamlessly with drummer Andy Dillard’s skillful and diverse percussion to create a lush rhythm section that inspires co-creation by the rest of the band. Vocalist Haley Mears brings her unique soulful tone to both lead and backing vocals which blend easily with vocalist Michaels poignant and expressive singing to add to the band’s sonic texture. Together, the band brings life to new original material in musical conversation with passion and joy.